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A baby girl is kidnapped and taken to a strange and mysterious place for unknown reasons.
You must save her!

Eelah is a first person 3D puzzle, exploration and adventure indie game in the middle of the development process, not published anywhere yet. It's a one man project so please be patient. Follow the development process and feel free to send me any kind of feedback!

This game is not really like any other game out there, but I think the game is for fans of: RiME, The Witness and The First Tree.

Use #eelahgame to reference to the game!

Read an interview that SuperJump Magazine made with me!


This is what the game looks like right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the game be published?

Everywhere I can figure out how to do it. Steam, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, App Store, Google Play,,, etc. :)

When will the game be published?

Impossible to say. As soon as I'm done. Let's aim for 2023!

How long will the game be?

I don't know yet, but I aim for an average playthrough of around 10 hours.

How much will the game cost?

Approximately $10-15 (USD), €10-15 (EUR), ¥1000-2000 (JPY), £10-15 (GBP).
Maybe a little less on mobile platforms.

What languages will the game be localized in?

I play with the idea of trying to tell the story without using text or voices. In practice, this would make the game available in all languages.

Will you self-publish the game?

Maybe, if I can learn how to do it. My door is open for collaboration with a publisher.

Is this your first game?

Of this kind, yes. I've made lots of small games and prototypes and I've made board games for mobile platforms together with a couple of friends. The most famous one is Yatzy World.

Do you make everything in the game yourself?

The original idea was to create everything myself, but the music is composed by award-winning pianist Joe O'Rourke, and 3D models of the baby girl are being created by character artist Aksana Pashkovskaya. The rest I do myself. I even avoid downloading assets. I create my own 3D models, my own textures, write my own code, etc. I'm willing to take help from a publisher with marketing, publishing and porting though.

What tools do you use to create the game?

Mainly C#, Unity3D, Blender, etc...

How did you learn to create games?

I didn't! ;) I'm trying my best as we speak. I work professionally within the area of System Development and I learn the tools I use through Google and Youtube.

Contact me if you have more questions.


Twitch and Youtube streamers (with "enough" followers) will get the game for free on release!

Feel free to contact me at